Groups & Workshops

group_therapy_photoDuring the last 30 years, studies have shown the growing benefits of group psychotherapy in a number of areas of life challenges.  Through groups, individuals find a forum of peer support, gaining strength as they share their feelings and experiences with others who are facing the same obstacles as themselves.  Some gain strength in seeing the resourcefulness of those in the same situation, while others renew their feelings of self-worth through assisting others.

During the group therapy process, people develop a support network through each other — no longer feeling isolated by their condition and gaining a greater sense of normalcy.  With certain medical conditions, group psychotherapy can contribute to general improvement in one’s psychosocial functioning.  Research also has shown that survival rates have, in some cases, actually increased, with proper therapy.  Research has demonstrated that various forms of group psychotherapy are equally beneficial with positive results found across the board for a variety of disorders.  Group therapy is also cost-effective when compared to individual treatment.  When a therapist’s time is spent with an entire group instead of one person, the expense for individuals is significantly reduced while the benefits remain and, in some instances, prove to be even greater.