Today Age 60 is the new Age 40

Attending to the mind, body and spirituality contributes to ability to enjoy sexuality over the life-span. Psychotherapy can help individuals and couples  to develop new capacities for intimacy and eroticism over the life-span.

The average 65-year-old woman today can expect to live another 19.8 years or a total of 84.8 years. If she makes it to 75, she can expect an additional 12.6 years or a total of 87.6 years. Men don’t do quite as well, but the difference shrinks as they age. A 75-year-old man can expect, on average, another 10.5 years or 85.5 years total. Remember, these are averages — you can beat them by eating right, staying active, staying involved and exercising your brain. Neuroscience research supports “ brain neuroplasticity”, the ability of the adult brain to develop new pathways and capacities over the lifespan.

The attached research highlights factors that contribute to optimal aging.  Most importantly, it’s an inside job, meaning attitude and health are primary factors. Click here to read.


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